Stray Kids Dropped A Teaser For Their Next Album And Fans Have A Convincing Theory

They knew as soon as they saw it.

This past March Stray Kids released their mini album Clé 1: Miroh, and it was thought to be part of a trilogy like their last series I Am Not, I Am Who, and I Am You.

It seems to be true based on the surprise release of a trailer titled “Clé 2 : Yellow Wood”, which appears to be the second installment. And, fans already have a theory based on the short trailer.

The title “Yellow Wood” is reminding fans of Robert Frost‘s poem “The Road Not Taken” in which the narrator stumbles upon two paths meeting in a “yellow wood” and chooses to take the path most people wouldn’t.

And, this fits perfectly with the trailer. When Stray Kids reached a level in the elevator where they found the people they were fighting against in “Miroh”, they were disgusted by what they saw (especially Hyunjin) and decided not to get off and join them.

Instead Bang Chan took out a key, or clé, for the elevator and used it to reach a new level “YW” or yellow wood. And that’s when the elevator ride no longer goes smoothly with flickering lights, signalling that it was a stop that most people wouldn’t take just like the poem.

It looks like STAYs have found the meaning of the release before it’s actually been released. It’s officially set for June 19, so time will tell whether the theory is true.

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