Stray Kids Bang Chan, Felix, Han, And Hyunjin Revealed Their New Year’s Resolution And More

They gave such sweet answers.

Stray Kids members Bang Chan, Felix, Han, And Hyunjin recently took part in a photoshoot for ELLE Korea Magazine.

The group charmingly revealed in their interview their goals, personal strengths, happy moments, and new years’ resolutions.

Starting off the interview, Han revealed what he believes his biggest strength. His reply was simple and to the point to be something related to his profession.

The fact that I can write songs and the fact that I can express my emotions.

— Han

Stray Kids leader Bang Chan added to Han’s answer and commented on his thoughts as songwriters and K-Pop artists:

Musical challenge is important, but I have the idea that it should not be too unfamiliar and burdensome from the perspective of the listener.

— Bang Chan

Following Bang Chan’s reply, Hyujin was asked which recent moment made him the happiest. Hyujin gave a sweet and warm reply as he mentioned his fellow band members and their time together:

When I watch TV in the living room with all the members, seeing the smiling faces of the members makes me feel proud and relaxed.

— Hyujin

Lastly, Felix shared with ELLE Korea that his New Year’s resolution involves personal growth and to make the fans watching acknowledge it:

I want to show the people who are watching us always growing little by little.

— Felix

The four members look absolutely stunning in the sophisticated ELLE Korea shoot and fans are pleased with their interview answers. Like Felix mentioned, fans would love to watch Stray Kids grow and strive as individuals and artists.

Source: Elle Korea

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