Stray Kids Fans React To New “Heart Tung” and “Heart Taeng” Merch

They’re so adorable!

Ever since Stray Kids came out with the music video for “Case 143” back on October 7, fans have been obsessed with the adorable heart-shaped characters that appeared in it.

It was pretty clear that they would easily be made into some kind of merchandise, and yesterday, JYP Entertainment opened up pre-orders for just that!

The merch drop includes a pink and green version of the characters, which are named “Heart Tung” and “Heart Taeng” respectively. And they are absolutely adorable.

Fan reactions to the merchandise vary widely, though overall people are excited to purchase them!

Some STAYs do wish that more colors were offered, and maybe that will be something we can look forward to in the future.

Others had opinions about the names of the characters, since many people insist that the pink character is called “Pipi”.

Still others lamented over how broke they are, which is something all K-Pop fans can relate to.

Some fans in this category reacted in similar ways 😂

Will you be purchasing Stray Kids new and adorable merch?

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