A Recent Fan Call With Stray Kids’ Felix Dubbed “Disrespectful” And “Uncomfortable” Continues The Debate On Fan Etiquette

“The way he still tried to act nice even though he was obviously uncomfortable…”

The creation of fan calls has allowed global netizens to interact and chat with their favorite idols and has been a huge success with so many fans being able to chat with different groups.

Yet, the issue of fan call etiquette has become a hot topic after a call with Stray Kids‘ member Felix seemingly made the idol feel uncomfortable.

Stray Kids’ Felix | @realstraykids/Instagram

Although Stray Kids have finished their music show promotions for “S-Class,” the group is still doing events and having the chance to chat with global fans. Yet, a recent call has gained attention for all the wrong reasons.

During the call, it seemed to start off quite normally, with the fan chatting with Felix about food, and after the idol said he didn’t have dinner yet, they asked, “So, you like to have dessert before dinner?”

When Felix tried to find a way to answer the odd question and explained that he sometimes does that, the OP then said, “No, I mean I’m the dessert.”

Felix seemed slightly taken aback as he processed it all and the clip then shared the fan saying, “So did I just remind you who I am?”

When the clip was shared, netizens shared their anger at the fan as Felix seemed so excited to chat about food, but his smile seemingly dropped after the comment about them being the dessert. In particular, they thought it was disgusting for fans to say things and put idols in a position that could make them uncomfortable.

The video was also shared on TikTok, where another user captioned it, “Not only is this super weird, creepy, and gross, but it’s disrespectful and uncomfortable.”


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When the video was posted, it was viewed over 300,000 times and the comments shared their anger with the fan.

For many, they thought the time with an idol should be used to praise them, not say things that made them feel uncomfortable. Others pointed out that idols should have the chance to switch calls off or leave, but shared how kind Felix is that that he was still trying to act nice.

The topic of fan call etiquette has become a hot topic recently as netizens discuss what is and isn’t appropriate. While Felix obviously took it in his stride, many fans found it uncomfortable and believed it was overstepping the boundaries between idol and fan.

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