Stray Kids’ Felix Leaves Fans Feeling Weak After Going Sleeveless Backstage

His body proportions are out of this world.

Stray KidsFelix often tends to go viral for his otherworldly visuals. While he rightfully earned praise for his looks at recent events, he is now sending STAYs into meltdown with his “backstage” visuals.

Stray Kids’ Felix | @realstraykids/Instagram

Felix has demonstrated what kind of person he really is countless times. Most recently, he did so by sending fans a link to the cutest animal video ever, leading STAYs to praise his undeniably wholesome personality.

But while fans will always appreciate Felix for who he is, it’s hard to ignore the visuals he regularly serves. Recent behind-the-scenes footage of Stray Kids at the 2022 MBC Gayo Daejejeon is gaining attention—and it has a lot to do with “sleeveless Felix.”

Along with his DANCERACHA unit members, Lee Know and Hyunjin, Felix was dressed in a sleek suit for their special performance. The look was flawless, as expected.

But it was the removal of some layers backstage that got STAYs’ attention…

…and left them weak.

It got to the point where some STAYs couldn’t even concentrate on what he was saying. Not that they can be blamed.

Lee Know was also on the receiving end of praise himself after he removed his suit jacket to reveal his vest—also with no shirt underneath.

Ultimately, Felix and Lee Know’s sleeveless moment turned out to be a momentous occasion…

…proving that this “genre” is definitely one of the favorites.

Source: YouTube

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