Stray Kids’ Felix Finally Has Dark Hair, And Fans Are Celebrating

It’s about time!

Over the course of Stray Kids‘ career, their adorable and deep-voiced rapper Felix has had an assortment of different hair colors.

The colors he’s rocked have ranged from platinum blonde to deep red, with an assortment of others in between!

However, Felix hasn’t really had his hair dyed any particularly dark colors before now, though fans have made edits of him with dark hair in hopes that one day he would.

And fortunately, now their daydreams have come true!

For the first stop in Stray Kids’ world tour, MANIAC, Felix debuted his beautiful jet-black hair in Seoul, and STAYs can’t contain their excitement.

In fact, fans are so excited that they even have “FELIX BLACK HAIR” trending currently on Twitter!

Along with Felix, STAYs are also excited over Hyunjin‘s red hair returning, as well as I.N‘s blond hair!

We hope that Stray Kids and their fans have an amazing time on their world tour, and that it’s full of other exciting surprises!

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