The Reason Stray Kids’ Felix Told His Friends To Delete All Their Pre-Debut Photos Of Him

His friends ended up uploading all the photos anyway.

On the topic of Stray Kids‘ pre-debut photos, there’s no debate that Felix has the most.

Felix as a child.

From his childhood to his teenage years, fans can easily take a look at how much Felix has grown.

Felix as a teenager.

Despite Felix’s numerous pre-debut pictures, he admitted that he initially didn’t want any of them to be released and shared the reason why on The K-Star Next Door.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

When MC Jonathan asked Felix about his old photos, the idol confirmed that before he came to Korea, he told his friends to delete all their pictures of him.

He’d been self-conscious of his appearance. Felix explained, “When I went to school, I was chubby.

Felix’s friends had other ideas and wanted to show the world how adorable and handsome he was. Felix said, “I said we should just keep it between us. My friends betrayed me.

If it weren’t for his friends “betraying” him, fans wouldn’t have seen so many great photos of Felix growing up from a cute child into a handsome adult.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

See Felix talk about the numerous pre-debut pictures that ended up on the internet anyway.

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