Stray Kids’ Felix And Hyunjin Appear On Dua Lipa’s Instagram

These three visuals in one frame?!

Stray KidsFelix and Hyunjin made an appearance on English pop star Dua Lipa‘s Instagram.

Stray Kids’ Felix (left) and Hyunjin (right). | YSL Beauty
Dua Lipa | @dualipa/Instagram

Hyunjin and Felix were recently in Paris, France, together.

The two were there for Yves Saint Laurent‘s YSL Beauty LIBRE LE PARFUM party in Paris.

Naturally, Hyunjin and Felix were the main event.

Still, they weren’t the only stars in attendance. EXO‘s Kai and YSL Beauty’s muse Dua Lipa are just two of many notable celebrities in attendance as well.

Fans were excited at potential interactions. And, sure enough, someone spotted Hyunjin, Felix, and Dua Lipa in the same frame.

Well, it turns out that they had actually met. YSL Beauty posted a photo of the three together!

Dua Lipa herself then also reposted the photo to her Instagram Stories.

| @dualipa/Instagram

Naturally, fans are freaking out. Many couldn’t believe it all actually happened.

Now, can we manifest a collab?

Source: dualipa

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