Stray Kids Fans Demand Action From MBC For Treating Felix “Unfairly”

There is also an issue with Lee Know’s fancam.

Stray Kids always wow fans with their incredible performances and their year-end stages are no exception. Fans loved Stray Kids’ recent performance of both “CIRCUS” and “CASE 143” at the 2022 MBC Gayo Daejejeon (also known as MBC Music Festival).

Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

As fans eagerly awaited fancams from the group’s impressive performances, they were frustrated to realize that something was off about Felix‘s two fancams even though MBC used Felix’s fancam in their tweet.

Although Felix had fancams for both his Stray Kids’ performance and his sub-unit Danceracha performance of “TASTE,” fans noticed a big difference between Felix’s fancams and those of his members.

Danceracha’s Lee Know, Felix, and Hyunjin | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

While all of Stray Kids’ fancams for their group performance included the members performing both “CIRCUS” and “CASE 143,” making the videos slightly over six minutes long…

Bang Chan, Han, Changbin, Seungmin, Lee Know, Hyunjin, and I.N’s fancams | @FLXCentral/Twitter

Felix’s fancam was only of his performance for “CIRCUS” and was shorter than three minutes long (2:49 exactly).

Felix’s fancam | @FLXCentral/Twitter

And in the sub-unit performance for “TASTE,” fans were surprised to realize that while Lee Know and Hyunjin‘s fancams both had a filter, Felix’s fancam did not.

Hyunjin’s “TASTE” fancam | MBCkpop/YouTube
Lee Know’s “TASTE” fancam | MBCkpop/YouTube
Felix’s “TASTE” fancam | MBCkpop/YouTube
A direct comparison of the three fancams | @felixsbrowni3/Twitter

Still, since the filter for “TASTE” whitewashes the members, fans don’t want MBC to change Felix’s “TASTE” fancam. But even though they don’t want the filter added and, if anything, want Lee Know and Hyunjin’s filter removed, fans still believe it’s worth noting that Felix received different treatment from his members in both fancams.

There is no apparent reason for why either of Felix’s fancams should be different from those of his members, and fans are calling out MBC, demanding that MBC take action to upload Felix’s proper fancam for “CIRCUS” and “CASE 143.”

Fans are also demanding that MBC fix an issue with Lee Know’s fancam for “TASTE” as in the description for the video it incorrectly labels him as “Stray Kids DANCERACHA FELIX.”

| @TVstayinfo/Twitter

As of the time of this article, MBC has not acknowledged fans’ complaints or made changes to any of the three fancams.

You can watch Felix’s “CIRCUS” fancam here.

You can watch Felix’s “TASTE” fancam here.

You can watch Lee Know’s “TASTE” fancam here.

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