Stray Kids’ Felix Lets His Freckles Shine In Swoon-Worthy Photoshoot For ELLE Magazine

“And the crowd cheers when the freckles are free.”

For the May 2023 issue of ELLE Korea magazine, Stray Kids member Felix had the opportunity to let his gorgeous visuals shine!

Felix (Stray Kids)

On the three covers — each of which showcases the K-Pop idol in a different luxurious Louis Vuitton outfit — Felix’s beloved freckles shine with minimal makeup and his iconic long blond hair.

Apparently the clothing he’s wearing comes from a women’s collection, and Felix’s beautiful androgynous aesthetic that’s the perfect blend of masculine and fairy-like really suits the concept.

From the unique styling to the drastically different color stories used in each of the three images, Felix gets to showcase his great modeling skills and stunning visuals in several different ways.

Fans are using the opportunity to share already-beloved images of Felix with blond hair and a bare face that showcases his adorable freckles!

| JYP Entertainment

Some fans even joke that Felix is a natural blond, given how great he looks with the color.

| JYP Entertainment

The ELLE Korea photos were shared on an online forum, where fans had nothing but positivity and praise to give to the Stray Kids member.

We love to see Felix embracing his beauty with opportunities like this!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa

Stray Kids

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