Stray Kids’ Felix Had A Mental Breakdown, And It Was All Because Of One English Word

It was hilarious from start to finish!

Stray Kids is effortlessly funny!

The JYP Entertainment boy group recently separated into two teams and played Yut Nori, a traditional Korean board game, to celebrate Chuseok. They added a twist to the mostly luck-based activity: the members could not speak English while playing.

The one who grew up with it as his first language was surprisingly good at the game—Australian-born Felix! In fact, he was more frustrated at the mistakes of his non-fluent members.

Changbin, for instance, unconsciously kept on saying what would soon be Felix’s trigger word: “Okay.”

It wasn’t just a one-off mistake either. He couldn’t stop himself from tacking on “Okay” to the end of his sentences.

Felix reacted hilariously upset at each error!

The rapper wasn’t his only teammate with an “Okay” fixation. Lee Know also automatically replied with this word after receiving instructions on how to proceed with the game. No one even needed to call him out—he knew his mistake right away.

While the dancer froze, Felix’s jaw dropped to the ground right beside him.

The other team celebrated…

…and Felix’s patience ran out! He threw the rules out the window and jokingly exploded in straight English.

I’m not gonna play anymore! I can’t do this anymore! No more! I can’t do this anymore!

— Felix

The editors aptly commented what was likely running through his head, “How come you’re using it when I’m not even using it?” He also admitted that the “Korean only” game was hard on him, saying, “I hate this, I can’t speak.”

Fans, on their end, found the entire thing hilarious. They posted viral tweets about Felix’s mental breakdown and subsequent English tirade.

Check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube

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