Stray Kids’ Felix Surprises His Members With This New Information

They never knew this about him.

It’s always a fun day when you can learn new things about people you stan. Luckily for Stay, Stray KidsFelix just revealed some new info.

(left to right) Stray Kids’ Changbin, I.N, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, Lee Know, and Bang Chan | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

In a new video with NME, Stray Kids were asked the following question: What was the first CD you ever bought? First Seungmin mentions that he bought  “UN Village,” referring to the lead track from Baekhyun‘s City Lights.

Hyunjin then adds that last year he bought IU‘s LILAC, which Bang Chan notes is, “a really good album.” 

Felix then chimes in, mentioning that the first CD he ever bought was one of Avril Lavigne‘s after first hearing her song on the radio.

This information wouldn’t be that surprising on its own, however Felix continues on to surprise the rest the group by further divulging that he was only five years old when he bought it!

The other members of Stray Kids are noticeably surprised by this bit of information. Bang Chan asks, “when you were five?” Han echos the question.

Felix then says that he had money saved up.

Bang Chan found the idea of a five-year-old kid going to a music shop to buy a CD hard to believe.

Fans though, love the idea of five-year-old Felix listening to Avril Lavigne.

While the idea of such a young kid buying a CD on his own might seem funny, fans are happy to learn anything they can. Stay, and the other members of Stray Kids, can only imagine what they will learn about Felix next!


Source: NME

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