This Is The Most Gorgeous Stray Kids Fanart You’ll See Today

The colors are so eye-catching 😍

Stray Kids has no shortage of creative and talented fans. From incredible cover dances to song covers and beautiful fanart, STAYs have made an endless amount of incredible content inspired by the K-Pop group!

Stray Kids fanart by @bingmoph_

One such artist is Twitter user @myask_o. They seem to specialize in character design, especially stylized fanart based on already-existing characters and K-Pop idols (mostly Stray Kids, from the look of things!).

They recently created an eight-part series of fanart based on Stray Kids’ most recent comeback, MAXIDENT, and it has to be some of the most stunning fanart we’ve seen recently!

The bright and bold colors paired with their unique style and adorable expressions are impossible not to love.

Though they all are obviously part of the same set and have a similar style and concept, it’s easy to tell which member is which among them!

We especially love how she designed the eyes in these drawings, which add so much character to the already impressive creations.

We hope that the Stray Kids members themselves get to see these amazing pieces of artwork, because they deserve to be seen!

Stray Kids