Stray Kids Grants Wishes For Five Overseas Fans With Incurable Diseases

Here are the five fans who got to meet them.

Stray Kids and JYP Entertainment gave children with incurable diseases all over the world an unforgettable memory.

Stray Kids | JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment has been partnering with Make-A-Wish Korea ever since 2019 and have been continuing to participate in events such as “EDM (Every Dream Matters!)”, a project that supports children with incurable diseases.

Screen Capture of EDM | EDM Wish Project Website

Recently, five overseas fans with incurable diseases had the opportunity to virtually meet with Stray Kids and spend one on one time with them.

21-year-old Helena Nicuesa from Spain has been hospitalized for about 16 years ever since she was diagnosed with severe epilepsy in 2004. Stray Kids answered questions about music and dreams that Helena was curious about and she stated that through the virtual meet and greet, “Stray Kids has brought happiness, friends, love and luck” into her life.

Stray Kids also talked with 17-year-old Tiffany Tan from Singapore who has infective endocarditis which has caused the right side of her body to weaken. However, Tiffany said that dreaming of meeting Stray Kids had always given her strength—and she finally got to meet them! Stray Kids not only cheered for her with encouragements but also sang “CASE 143” for her. Tiffany also got the chance to give them cards, accessories and other gifts she made for them.

Stray Kids | JYP Entertainment

Keiah Taylor, a 14-year-old British fan, has been looking forward to meet Stray Kids since 2020 and her wish finally came true as she spent a heart to heart with them, asking them questions she had for a long time. Keiah Taylor had been diagnosed with aplastic anemia and had been in good condition for a while, but she still continues to get treatment for paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria.

Stray Kids also met 14-year-old Adrianna Delilah Tupaz from Singapore, a fan who was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and who went through her first surgery at one month old and has gone through seven more surgeries after that. Adrianna showed Stray Kids the bowl she made for them which they were impressed by and they hoped for the day where they can receive the bowl in person.

Lastly, Portuguese Leonor Passagem, a 17-year-old fan diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and currently being treated for a complete recovery. When he told them that his favorite song of theirs was “Double Knot”, Stray Kids did not hesitate to dance a snippet of the choreography for the song.

Stray Kids has said that it was rewarding to see that their presence can give someone strength and meaning.

Through Wish Day, I think it’s us who gained positive energy. Thank you to the five STAY for our time and although we had to meet virtually because of Covid, I hope that we can meet in person next time.

— Stray Kids

Stray Kids meeting fan Alyssa Scott in 2019 through EDM | EDM Wish Project Website

Source: EDM Wish Project and OSEN

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