Stray Kids Han And ARASHI Jun’s Kind Interaction Is Getting All The Love

Han was especially excited from Jun going the extra mile.

Kicking off the release of their first Japanese mini-album ALL IN on the right foot, Stray Kids appeared on TV Asahi‘s Music Station along with well-known Japanese artists like ARASHI.

On top of performing their title track “ALL IN”, a heartwarming moment between Han and Matsumoto Jun had fandoms coming together for how touching it was.

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When the host asked Han to name which artist he was most excited to meet, he took Jun completely by surprise when selecting him.

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Han looked forward to meeting Jun because he’d watched his 2014 drama Shitsuren Chocolatier, also known as Heartbroken Chocolatier, based on the manga of the same name.

Giving two thumbs-up, Han showed appreciation for Jun’s acting and how much the drama had kept his interest. How Jun responded next had Han and the rest of Stray Kids over the moon.

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Even though Han had spoken in Japanese, Jun met him halfway by politely thanking him in Korean, “Gamsahamnida.” Han immediately broke into a bright smile and bowed.

He’d been so surprised he almost dropped out of the camera’s frame. The rest of Stray Kids had been just as pleasantly shocked, smiling and shouting their awe.

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Han and the rest of Stray Kids weren’t the only ones enjoying the moment. Jun expressed happiness that Han had enjoyed his drama and looked forward to meeting him, thanking him once more in Japanese.

The sweet interaction between the two artists had fandoms coming together to appreciate their kindness and humorous reactions.

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Check out the sweet interaction between them here.

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