Stray Kids’ Han Had A Mental Breakdown When Bang Chan Pointed Out The Object In His Room That He Never Knew About

It would’ve helped him a lot.

Stray Kids recently made a comeback with “MANIAC.” To promote their ODDINARY album, they sat down for an interview with Consequence.

Stray Kids

One of the requests of the host was to share a so-called “TMI” (Too Much Information) which pertains to a random story of their choice. Han Jisung decided to talk about the time he found out he was living life unnecessarily hard.

I think this was around two weeks ago. My room was really cold. My room was so cold so I had a blanket wrapped around me.

— Han

Leader Bang Chan was surprised at how harsh Han’s living conditions were. He had no heat source despite being near a window where cold air constantly seeps into the room especially during Winter season.

Bang Chan stopped to ask me something. He opened the door but the room was so cold.

— Han

The next thing that happened was freshly engraved into Hans’ mind until today. Bang Chan asked why he never turned on the heater, and his reply was a dumbfounded one not believing that he had access to it at all.

So Bang Chan asked me his question and was on his way out, but he came back and was like, ‘Hey, do you keep the heater off on purpose?’ And I was like, ‘There’s heating in my room?’

— Han

Like the leader-type he is, Bang Chan pointed out the heater and instructed Hans on how to use it.

[I told him that] it’s right next to the door and this is how you turn it on. And he was like, ‘Oh! I didn’t know that!’

— Bang Chan

The rapper had no heater throughout the ice cold winters of Korea and even until just two weeks ago. Luckily, he never got sick as a result of his prior living conditions and he now knows how to use his heater!

I basically had never turned on the heating all winter long and had a great time. It’s interesting how I never caught a cold.

— Han

Check out the full interview below to learn more about Stray Kids.

Source: YouTube

Stray Kids

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