Stray Kids’ Han Casually Flashed His Abs And Caused Chaos

He delivered the ultimate fan service with a wink.

Stray Kids have been putting on impressive performances and creating fun moments during their first Stray Kids 2nd World Tour “MANIAC” stop in Seoul. One of them was Han going from cute to sexy and back after flashing his abs.


During the sexy choreography of “Silent Cry”, Han’s cropped shirt gave fans a peek at his abs. That didn’t seem to be enough because Han gave fans a better look.

When they performed their hit song “MIROH”, Han delivered the ultimate fan service by lifting his shirt and ending it with an adorable wink. Although the moment happened quickly, that didn’t stop fans from snapping close-up photos.

The photos of Han’s six-pack abs made the rounds among fans who couldn’t keep calm from how toned he was. They were also loving how Han could be both sexy and cute.

| @1jisung2leeknow/Twitter

STAY also enjoyed how casually Han decided to flash his abs and wink as if nothing happened.

| @1jisung2leeknow/Twitter

Watch Han show his duality by casually switching between cute and sexy here.

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