Stray Kids’ Han Defends Himself After He’s “Caught Cheating” On Samsung Galaxy With iPhone

He was trying to keep his job!

Stray KidsHan shared a message via bubble for JYPNation app, and STAYs recognized that he was holding an Apple iPhone rather than a Samsung Galaxy.

Currently, Stray Kids are ambassadors for Samsung. So, contractually, Han should technically not be holding a competitor’s product.

Shortly after, Han returned to bubble to “save himself.” He claimed that the iPhone belonged to a staff rather than himself.

|Β bubble for JYPNation via @lovehanjs/X

that phone. is our beloved skzigi’s!!

Don’t misunderstand!

Galaxy is the best!!! Galaxy the love…our beloved Galaxy

β€” Han

Han continued, declaring his love for Samsung Galaxy. He certainly made up for his misspost!

|Β bubble for JYPNation via @lovehanjs/X

Galaxy the love

our dear galaxy

Hyung has no one but you, galaxy

I’ll scold SKZ.

I love you, galaxy Hyungs and noonas.

β€” Han

Whether that iPhone is Han’s or the staff’s, STAYs enjoyed the unintentionally comedic moment.

Poor Han was fighting for his life, though!

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