Stray Kids’ Han Shocks Fans With His Barefaced Visuals And New Unexpected Hair Color

“Han Jisung, you are so damn beautiful.”

Stray KidsHan is leaving fans dazed as recent pictures of him at the airport begin to circulate, showing off his impressive barefaced visuals and exciting new hair color.

Stray Kids’ Han | @Stray_Kids_JP/Twitter

The group went to Gimpo Airport on January 14 to make their way to Japan for the upcoming release of their first Japanese album, THE SOUND.

Stray Kids’ “THE SOUND” promotional image | @Stray_Kids_JP/Twitter

All the members gained attention for their stylish appearance, with Hyunjin and Felix, for example, being praised for their model-like vibes.

| TV10\YouTube

Han, on the other hand, shocked STAYs with his natural visuals…and his new, unexpected blonde hair.

Of course, his glasses also had an impact, just as they have plenty of other times…

But it was definitely “blonde Han Jisung” that fans were most excited for.

After all, while there’s no denying how good he looks with dark hair, blonde Han is truly something else!

Paired with his natural visuals, the new color truly is a perfect fit.

Source: YouTube

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