Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Reveals He And AB6IX’s Daehwi Have Something In Common As Idols

They have a great friendship!

Stray Kids‘ members Hyunjin and Felix recently worked with Arena Homme Plus magazine for a glamorous photoshoot and interesting interview.

| Hyunjin (left) and Felix (right)

During Hyunjin’s interview portion, the interviewer mentioned that he couldn’t help but notice the great passion Hyunjin has.

The interviewer claimed that he received that insight through AB6IX‘s Daehwi.

Q: Recently, we did a photoshoot with Lee Daehwi and he praised you a lot. He said you send him videos and ask him to monitor you. He said that you have a lot of passion.

Daehwi and I are both greedy. He’s a friend who does very well and has a lot of ambitions. We have a close friendship because we practice together often. Former JYP trainees want each other to do well and we cheer for one another. Let’s both succed.

— Hyunjin

Following this, Hyunjin shared just how passionate and hard working he is when it comes to his career as an idol.

Q: I heard you practice a lot. Are you usually the type that focuses on your goals?

I don’t live to lose. Once I get into something, I can only see that one thing. I can’t remain still at the dorms, so I when I feel like going dancing or practicing choreography, I go to the practice rooms. If I feel like singing, I’ll go to the studio. Before ‘God’s Menu’ was released. I wanted to perfect my dancing, so I took modern dance lessons. It was really fun but the day after, I was very tired. I felt like my entire body was in pain. I learned how to interpret and convey the song and also worked on my lower body balance.

— Hyunjin

Towards the end of the interview, Hyunjin was brought back to the topic of his passion and ambitions when asked how he perceives himself lately.

Q: What does Hyunjin think about Hyunjin right now?

A really greedy and amitious person who wants to do well in every single area. I enjoy doing photoshoots. I think about the type of person I want to be before going in front of the cameras. I feel the same way when I go on stage.

— Hyunjin

Being that Hyunjin and Daehwi are both in successful K-Pop groups and are both personally doing amazing, their hard work, passions, and ambitions definitely show! Seems like it’s all paying off and fans are grateful.

Source: Naver

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