Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Gives A Shout-Out To ASL Interpreters At Their Concert

ASL interpreters help make the concert experience enjoyable and accessible for everyone.

A lot goes into making the concert experience enjoyable and accessible for everyone. Recently Stray KidsHyunjin thanked some of those who make this possible, ASL interpreters.

Stray Kids are currently completing their MANIAC world tour and just held two stops in Inglewood, California. On night one of the concert, one fan realized there were ASL (American Sign Language) interpreters in the audience for hard of hearing STAYs.

On the second day, while Hyunjin spoke to the crowd, he mentioned that he had actually seen the video of the interpreters and gave them a special shout-out.

| @shybangchan/Twitter 

When I was searching concert videos from last night, I saw a video of ASL interpreters doing sign language.

— Hyunjin

After searching for the interpreters in the crowd, he thanked them.

| @shybangchan/Twitter

Thank you. I was so touched and thankful that I almost cried, so let’s all scream for the ASL interpreters.

— Hyunjin

The experience even made Hyunjin curious about sign language.

It was so beautiful seeing them interpret and sign every one of our lyrics. It made me want to learn sign language as well. Thank you.

— Hyunjin

You can check out the full clip here.

The STAY who used the interpreters’ services even captured the special moment up close.

The STAY also expressed gratitude for Hyunin’s appreciation, as ASL interpreters often get overlooked.

ASL interpreters work hard to provide a service for those who need it, and fans appreciate the exposure that Hyunjin provided. Fans also hope that such acknowledgments will lead to greater visibility for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Source: Twitter

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