Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Interacted With Fans On “Bubble” And STAYs Can’t Help But Celebrate His Return

“Welcome back my love.”

STAYs, are you ready? Because Stray Kids‘s Hyunjin is slowly, but surely coming back from his hiatus and his most recent update confirms this even more. The Stray Kids member interacted with some of his lucky fans on bubble where K-Pop idols and their fans can engage in conversation with one another. And guess who made his long awaited appearance on the app? The one and only, Hyujin!

Stray Kids member Hyunjin | JYP Entertainment

A Stray Kids fan uploaded screenshots of Hyunjin’s most recent bubble activities, where he can be seen conversing with some fans about eating “something delicious.” He also touched on South Korea’s recent heat wave by addressing the “hot” weather. In another interaction, while brief, Hyunjin asking his beloved STAYs “what are you up to,” which naturally garnered a lot of excitement from his doting fans.

And while Hyunjin’s bubble interactions were short, they were definitely sweet! STAYs all over Twitter began to pour out their love, support, and excitement about the Stray Kids member’s return.

This particular STAY couldn’t help but share their emotions upon seeing Hyunjin’s bubble activity.

Another Stray Kids fan expressed their unending happiness about Hyunjin’s return.

This particular fan acknowledged that Hyunjin’s comeback is “making STAYs go crazy.”

Here we have another Stray Kids fan who can’t help but welcome Hyunjin back to the entertainment K-Pop world!

And last, but most certainly not least is this grateful STAY who thanked Hyunjin for “staying strong” through it all.

This will mark Hyunjin’s return back into the industry after a 4-month long hiatus, which was confirmed by JYP Entertainment just a few days ago.

Welcome back Hyunjin!

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