Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Firmly Shuts Down All Dating Rumors With aespa’s Karina

He proved them false.

Stray KidsHyunjin was recently caught up in dating rumors with aespa‘s Karina. A netizen had spotted the background of his handphone and alluded that it was a selfie of Karina.

They also claimed that the two had matching Dear U. Lysn Bubble names with blue hearts and –ie added to the back of their names.

A netizen even superimposed Karina’s selfie over the alleged phone lock screen.

Rumors were rife.

Thankfully, Hyunjin personally shut down all the rumors swiftly. He took to Bubble to share his current phone lock screen.

  • “My phone background.”
  • “[picture]”
  • “My heart fluttered while watching a drama so here’s a croquis.”

A croquis is a quick sketch, often done in 30 seconds to a minute.

Glad that’s cleared up! Make sure to tune in to “NOEASY” below.

Source: Pann

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