Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Goes Viral After Sending The Internet Into Meltdown With His Visuals And Proportions At D’FESTA

“D’FESTA Hyunjin will go down in history!”

Ever since debuting, it seems like Stray Kids member Hyujin has never failed to capture the attention and hearts of netizens with his talent, charisma, and of course, his “Prince” like visuals. Whether he is taking selfies, on stage, or just chilling out, Hyujin never fails to make an impact.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin | @realstraykids/Instagram

Earlier in the month, he also went viral after becoming the star of this year’s 2022 Met Galawithout even being there.

Well, it seems like he’s done it again… The members of Stray Kids recently attended Dispatch‘s D’FESTA event and instantly made an impact with their visuals.

| @Koreadispatch/Instagram
| @Koreadispatch/Instagram 

However, it seems like Hyunjin especially caught the attention of netizens worldwide, to the point where the phrases “Hyujin” and “Hwang Hyujin” were trending on social media.

During the event, Hyujin debuted a new hairstyle that was modern and stylish. The layered look managed to send the internet into meltdown as netizens shared photos of the new look and even wearing a mask, his visuals shined.

| @zerotozero_/Twitter
| @uptight0320/Twitter

Of course, when Hyunjin took his mask off, it isn’t surprising that everyone was stunned by how handsome he looked.

| @hwanghjkr/Twitter

One user made sure that Hyunjin’s IRL handsomeness and unedited visuals were on show.

| @onesidelove_hj/Twitter
| @onesidelove_hj/Twitter

Like always, Hyunjin showcased effortless elegance, and his new hairstyle seemed like he was ready to start a new trend.

| @seungdduk/Twitter 

Yet, it wasn’t just his hairstyle that seemed to capture the hearts of literally everyone on social media. As one of the tallest members of the group, Hyunjin has always gained praise for his proportions and this event was no exception.

Of course, when the images were shared, both netizens and STAYs couldn’t stop gushing about Hyunjin’s ethereal visuals and proportions. In particular, many pointed out that the idol could instantly be creating a new trend in K-Pop with his hairstyle.

Of course, it isn’t surprising that Hyujin has once again gone viral for his visuals. It seems as if the idol always cements his status as not only a fashion icon but one of the top visuals in K-Pop.

You can read more about Hyunjin going viral for his visuals below.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Goes Viral For His Met Gala Look… Except He Didn’t Attend

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