Stray Kids’ Hyunjin And Felix Had The Cutest Aegyo Battle During Their Recent Concert

Who do you think won? 😂

Stray Kids held their most recent concert of the North American leg of their ongoing tour, 2nd World Tour “MANIAC”, on July 10 at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles.

There were countless unforgettable moments from the concert, both hilarious and emotional, which is to be expected from such a talented K-Pop group!

One of such moments was an “aegyo-off” between Hyunjin and Felix, and it’s something that no STAY would want to miss.


Felix started it off, and after the crowd chanted his name and amped him up, he announced in a cute voice “STAY #1!”. He didn’t do anything afterwards except for look a little disappointed in himself for the aegyo 😂

Hyunjin went next, though he needed a second take to get out the words “STAY I love you” in an equally cutesy voice. Immediately afterwards, he did some aggressive punching and dancing to counter the aegyo!

Both of their attempts were quite admirable, but who do you think won?

Stray Kids