Where Is Hyunjin? Stray Kids Fans Reach Out To JYP Entertainment For Answers

It has been four months since his hiatus began.

Right now, many Stray Kids fans are all asking the same question; Where is Hyunjin?

Hyunjin | JYP Entertainment

In February, JYP Entertainment announced that Hyunjin would be temporarily halting all activities in order to “self-reflect.” This announcement came after the agency released multiple statements about Hyunjin’s alleged involvement in school violence.

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

We would like to inform you about Stray Kids’ Hyunjin’s activities. We have already contacted all of the parties involved with Hyunjin’s schedules, and have been coordinating ways to cancel the activities while making sure to prevent as much damage as possible to the other party.

This process took time, so our announcement about Hyunjin’s future activities was delayed. Hyunjin will be halting all entertainment activities to self-reflect on his actions.

He sincerely regrets that he hurt many people with his inappropriate words during his middle school years. He would like to sincerely apologize to those who were hurt and will do his best to help them heal from their wounds.

We would like to sincerely apologize for causing worry to the fans.

— JYP Entertainment

Four months later, STAYs are missing Hyunjin more than ever. On Twitter fans are trending hashtags and phrases, including #WhereIsHyunjin, #JYPexplain, and “WE NEED A RESPONSE,” in the hopes of receiving updates about Hyunjin’s wellbeing and future activities.

Although fans are happy to give Hyunjin all the time he needs, many want to know what he has been up to and how he is feeling these days.

This isn’t the first time STAY has reached out to JYP Entertainment for Hyunjin updates. 40 days into Hyunjin’s hiatus, fans began seeking answers that they have still not yet received.

Stray Kids Fans Urge JYP Entertainment To Bring Hyunjin Back From Hiatus

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