This Idol Confessed He Was Once Dragged Into A Cult

He was taken to the location of their “worship”.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin revealed on the group’s official Youtube channel that he was once dragged into a cult during his trainee days.


On one of his excursions to the Konkuk University area, someone had been trying to get his attention. He said “sorry” thinking it was a recruiter but the person stopped him from leaving, claiming that Hyunjin had bad energy within him. The person turned out to be a member of a cult.

You can’t. You have to speak with me now. You have bad energy on your face. Are you going through difficult times lately?

ㅡ Cult member


At the time, Hyunjin had been having a difficult time as it was the beginning stages of his trainee period and he was often scolded, so he admitted that he was going through some difficulties. The cult member asked:

Are the people around you giving you difficulties, or are you having a hard time because of yourself?

ㅡ Cult member


After hearing some of the things this cult member guessed correctly, Hyunjin was convinced that there was something special about the person so he followed the person to the base of the cult. According to the idol, they arrived at a white building that looked a lot like what they did in webtoons.


The cult member then told him to change his clothes, so he did. When he entered the main room with a statue of some kind, all the people who were kneeling rose to “congratulate” the newcomer (Hyunjin) and they proceeded to ask him for money to “repay the god”. They added that if he told his parents about the deed within 100 or 300 days, his “contribution” would be deemed invalid.

Hyunjin thought back to the time and stated that it was pretty horrifying as he could have been kidnapped! Check out his full story below:

Source: Dispatch