“He’s Clearly Scared!” Japanese YouTuber Sparks Anger After His “Aggressive” And “Disrespectful” Behavior Towards Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

While the idol seemed terrified, many believe the YouTuber was playing a prank!

A Japanese YouTuber’s actions towards Stray KidsHyunjin have sparked outrage.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin | @realstraykids/Instagram

Hyunjin recently traveled to Japan as the group performed in front of Japanese STAYs. While there, he also did some activities with Versace, and the idol definitely shined with his visuals and charm.


Along with his unreal visuals, Hyujin’s appearance gained attention after the huge crowds of fans who were waiting for him at the store.

Yet, while the crowd showcased Hyunjin’s unreal popularity and influence, one video from a Japanese YouTuber raised anger among fans. A video circulated of the YouTuber shouting that he loves Hyunjin, but, because of the manner, it was clear that the idol seemed scared and intimidated.

| @hezuruy/Twitter

Even after seeing Hyunjin’s startled expression and being blocked by police, the OP still kept shouting that he loved the idol in a very aggressive tone.

| @hezuruy/Twitter

The police seemingly kept trying to keep him back, but he continued shouting comments at Hyunjin.

| @hezuruy/Twitter

The tweet seemingly downplayed the seriousness raised by netizens, with the OP sharing that when he showed his love for Hyunjin, the idol got scared before by adding that the “fan service” was “very bad” because Hyunjin was nervous and startled.

While the OP might have hoped to share his side of the story, the tweet gained an even worse reaction from netizens worldwide.

Many claimed that the OP wasn’t a STAY but just a YouTuber trying to get clout from Hyunjin and how wrong it was that the idol’s safety seemed like a joke.

The safety of idols during schedules has always been a hot topic. Yet, the fear in Hyunjin’s eyes showcased how scary the person’s actions were and also ruined it for those who wanted genuine interactions with the idol.

Source: @hezuruy

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