Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Proves His Professionalism Despite An Alarming Injury

Fans aren’t sure how he got hurt.

Stray Kids are currently holding their world tour MANIAC in the United States. Fans love the high-energy performances and adorable interactions between members.

Stray Kids | @Stray_Kids/Twitter
| JYP Entertainment

And while all the members show off their incredible talents and captivate the audience with their performances…

Fans were especially focused on Hyunjin during the most recent concert. Although the talented idol was giving his all to his performance, fans noticed that he seemed to avoid using his right hand.

Even hiding it whenever he got the chance.

A close-up photo of Hyunjin revealed that he may have even had his hand wrapped, further proving his hand was likely injured.

Hyunjin’s hand | @kkamirival1/Twitter

Although Stray Kids’ choreography often requires powerful hand movements, Hyunjin did his best to still give an alluring performance while compensating for his injury.

Showing his expert professionalism even when one of his boots came untied.

Still, fans are concerned about his condition since it’s unclear how Hyunjin injured his arm, and the idol allegedly fell on stage after the lights went dark and struggled to remove his robe by himself.

Β Although JYP Entertainment has yet to release any updates on Hyunjin’s health, hopefully the idol will prioritize his well-being and feel better soon.

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