Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Showcases His Stunning Natural Visuals In A Video He Took On A Lucky Fan’s Phone

Truly a lucky fan!

Stray Kids are currently on their second world tour, MANIAC.

Fans who have gone to see the group live are in awe of their powerful stages.

And are, of course, loving the members’ interactions with fans.

One fan was especially lucky as Hyunjin took their phone and recorded himself on stage.

And when the lucky fan shared their video…

Fans were in absolute awe of Hyunjin’s natural visuals.

Some fans are jokingly declaring that the phone must be preserved in a museum.

And others are just in awe of how lucky the fan was.

The fan has even changed her Twitter username to “HYUNJIN GRABBED MY PHONEE!!” as a way to commemorate the moment.

Certainly, with all the fan-taken videos and photos taken so far, there’s no denying that Stray Kids have an incredible aura when they perform.

Stray Kids