Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Surprises Fans By Appearing In The Group’s New Music Video, And STAYs Are Emotional

Fans finally get to see OT8 again!

Stray Kids recently released a new music video on their YouTube channel for their fans. As always, the song and music video was amazing but STAYs noticed something special that made them all very emotional.

For the first time since JYP Entertainment announced that he would be taking an indefinite hiatus, member Hyunjin appeared in the music video for the track “Mixtape: OH.”

| JYP Entertainment/YouTube 

Since Hyunjin’s hiatus was announced in February, STAYs have constantly asked, “Where’s Hyunjin?” wanting an update from the company. JYP Entertainment recently released a statement explaining that fans would be made aware of any updates once things were confirmed.

It seems as if fans didn’t have to wait much longer as Hyunjin made his appearance in the video, and it is the first time participating in any Stray Kids’ related activities since February.

| JYP Entertainment/YouTube 

Along with the video, the group released the cover image for their digital single. The artwork includes the names of all the members, including Hyunjin.

After the video and teaser image was released, fans quickly went on social media to voice their excitement about seeing Hyunjin in the video and back with his members.

Although Hyunjin appeared in the video, JYP Entertainment has not released an official statement yet about whether Hyunjin will resume activities. Fans are hoping that, with a comeback soon, Hyunjin will be able to return and perform with his members and for STAYs.

Source: JYP Entertainment

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