Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Reveals What Kind Of Role He Would Like To Take In A K-Drama And We’re All For It

Producers keep your eyes on Hyunjin!

Stray Kids recently made an exciting comeback on September 14 with their repackaged album IN生, with the title track “Back Door.”

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They expressed much excitement for this new comeback. “We’re so happy that we can share our music with our fans. We’ve put in a lot of effort and practice into this comeback.”

They also hoped that this song would be just as loved as their previous track “God’s Menu.”

On September 15, one day after their official comeback, members Hyunjin, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N made a guest appearance on MBC Radio’s Kim Shinyoung’s Noon Song Of Hope at 1 PM KST.

During the show, host Shinyoung heard that Hyunjin enjoyed dramas and asked what type of role would like to play if he had the chance.

I like melo-dramas but I think I answered incorrectly for this. If I were to film a drama I would like to play a role where I can express my depressed feelings and emotions. A real proper feeling that shows my seriousness to the fullest. These types of feelings are the ones that leave a lasting impression for me.

— Hyunjin

As for his favorite dramas, he had so many he couldn’t remember them all!

I haven’t had the time to watch any dramas recently. For older dramas, I really do watch a lot, I would choose ‘Hospital Playlist’ and ”Hotel Del Luna’. I also really enjoyed watching ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’. What else is there…I really did watch a lot.

— Hyunjin

Lastly, he made a quick video message to and drama producers out there who might be watching.

Hello I am Stray Kids’ Hyunjin. I really love dramas so please look after me.

— Hyunjin

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The day Hyunjin is cast for a role like this will definitely be a day to remember. To find out more, watch radio show episode with Stray Kids below!

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