Two Incredibly Talented Artists Collaborated To Create A Stunning 3D Model Of Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

It turned out gorgeous!

Fans of Stray Kids are undoubtedly talented, with many of them putting their artistic skills to use by creating amazing pieces of fanart for the K-Pop group.

From drawing and painting to digital art and all kinds of other mediums, there’s so much incredible Stray Kids-inspired content that has been released to the world by these artists!

Recently, a 3D model artist that goes by the username @fkntsu on Twitter shared a finished figure of Hyunjin during the “God’s Menu” era that they collaborated with another artist on, and the results are breathtaking.

It appears that the model was started on over a year ago, created first on a computer modeling program before being 3D printed by the artist.

The artist that they collaborated with, @liveandresin on Instagram, was then tasked with painting the intricate figurine to match the “God’s Era” visuals that Hyunjin rocked.

After all of this was completed, the final printed figure was shared on Twitter earlier today, and the results are phenomenal!

Here’s another look at the original 3D model created with Zbrush and Blender.

Unsurprisingly, STAYs are in love with the figurine, and are expressing their awe and admiration for the project in the comments!

We love to see such beautiful art pieces created by talented K-Pop fans!

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