Stray Kids Hyunjin’s Viral “Sakuranbo” Video Gets Noticed By Singer Ai Otsuka

His video has almost 12 million views!

Ai Otsuka‘s 2003 breakthrough single “Sakuranbo,” or “Cherry,” is still beloved all around the world and even reached the TikTok of Stray Kids!

Japanese musician Ai Otsuka. | @aiotsuka_official/Instagram

Ai Otsuka is a very popular singer in Japan whose single “Sakuranbo” topped the Top 200 Oricon Weekly Singles Chart for 103 weeks! She has also made the theme song for numerous anime and manga, including NanaBoys Over Flowers, and Fruits Basket.

The “Sakuranbo” dance on TikTok went viral last year, with the song having thousands of videos under it of people doing the adorable moves! @tiktok_stage, an account dedicated to K-Pop idols doing various challenges, even posted this video in November 2020 of idols like NCT‘s WinWin and OnlyOneOf‘s Nine doing the dance.


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♬ 오리지널 사운드 – 박민정 – 박민정

But none have blown up quite like Hyunjin‘s dance! Stray Kids’ Japanese TikTok account posted videos of all 8 members doing the challenge, with 3–6 million views for each of them. But Hyunjin’s video has totally gone viral with almost 12 million views and 2.3 million likes!


笑顔咲く #STAY とつながってたい🍒💗 #さくらんぼ #さくらんぼチャレンジ#사쿠란보 #사쿠란보챌린지#sakuranbo #Hyunjin #ヒョンジン#StrayKids #スキズ #ALLIN

♬ Sakuranobo – ai otsuka

Ai Otsuka posted a screenshot of Hyunjin’s TikTok on her Twitter account and her Instagram story. She liked the post and wrote, in Korean, “Thank you!

She explained in a reply that her friend’s daughter is a huge STAY!

My acquaintance’s daughter who loves K-Pop always tells me excitedly, ‘It’s Stray Kids! Amazing!

— Ai Otsuka

To be noticed by the original singer herself amidst all of the other videos is such an honor! Hyunjin definitely did “Sakuranbo” justice with his TikTok.

Source: Instagram, TikTok and Twitter

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