Stray Kids I.N’s Abs Were Finally Revealed, Shocking STAYs As Well As Felix And Seungmin

I.N: “My abs? I don’t have abs” 🤔

During the first episode of Stray KidsKINGDOMWEEK: <NO+> series, STAYs were absolutely shook after seeing that the thumbnail featured maknae I.N‘s ab reveal! Not only that, but the title of the video was literally “Show I.N’s Abs”!

Throughout the two minute clip compilation, both Felix and Seungmin reacted to moments from Kingdom: Legendary War in which the muscles of each Stray Kids member were on display. When it came to I.N’s turn, a behind-the-scenes clip that hadn’t made the final cut showed everyone just how ripped he truly is.

As it turns out, I.N was actually going to show off his abs similar to how Felix did during the group’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” performance, but it was eventually removed from the choreography.

| Mnet K-POP/YouTube

Despite the fact that they were literally there when this was filmed, the reveal was still enough to cause both Felix and Seungmin to completely freak out!

While Felix got up to give him a standing ovation…

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Seungmin felt a little shy seeing I.N’s abs out like that!

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And STAYs certainly have their own opinions on the subject:

Only a few hours after the video’s release, I.N went onto Bubble to address a question everyone wanted answered: Will he ever show them again in the future?

I saw the video and checked it myself. They’re not as defined as back then… No, I won’t do that anymore now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

— I.N’s Bubble messages

Although it seems like a pretty obvious no, he also claimed that he didn’t have abs during a live stream before Kingdom, so anything is possible.

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You can watch the entire KINGDOMWEEK: <NO+> episode here:

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