Stray Kids I.N’s Reaction To Bestie TXT Beomgyu’s Aegyo Is Everything

They’re best friends who can laugh at each other.

Among idol friendships, the one between Stray KidsI.N and TXT‘s Beomgyu is the gift that keeps on giving with their funny interactions. When a fan showed I.N the aegyo (display of cuteness) that Beomgyu did, fans were loving how close they are.

Stray Kids’ I.N and TXT’s Beomgyu. | @TXT_members/Twitter

Proving that he’s an ace at doing aegyo, Beomgyu smiled and put all of his cuteness into doing a TikTok trend. One fan showed the clip of Beomgyu to I.N, wanting him to do the same. They ended up receiving a reaction that had STAYs and MOAs cracking up.

| @YTIrrFPBtuUe2J6/Twitter 

As soon as I.N saw the clip, he recognized his close friend. Making the funniest face at seeing the aegyo, I.N hilariously responded, “Beomgyu? Er, uh, um, oh, okay.” Despite his funny reaction, I.N followed through.

| @28YJIL/Twitter

Doing the same moves as Beomgyu but putting his own twist on them, I.N showed off the aegyo that only he could.

| @28YJIL/Twitter

Fans loved the best friend energy that Beomgyu and I.N gave off, being able to poke fun at each other. They even enjoyed how the cuteness between them was a different kind than the one from besties Yeonjun and ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung (also known as the Darlingz).

With the chaotic best friend energy that fans love, I.N and Beomgyu are always making everyone laugh.

| @TXT_members/Twitter
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