Stray Kids’ Lee Know Answers “What Is Love?” In Adorable Fan-Drawn Animation

His energy is captured so well! 😂

Several months ago, Stray Kids released an episode of Idol Human Theater titled “‘Do you know what love is?!’ Reason why they’re fighting…”, and it was full of the hilarious chaotic energy that the members of the K-Pop group are known for!

At around the nine-minute mark in the video, the topic of what love is gets brought up. Without hesitation, Lee Know is quick to proclaim that “Love is STAY”, which the other members then repeat as Lee Know gets progressively louder and more passionate about his statement!

The original clip is cute and endearing enough, but it was recently made even more so by talented Twitter artist @anelderlymeme. She’s already known for her adorable animations, many of which are of Stray Kids.

The animation she made for the “What is love?” clip perfectly captures the energy and enthusiasm of Lee Know and the other members!

Replies to the tweet are definitely relatable as fellow STAYs squeal over the cuteness of the animation and general antics of Stray Kids’ members.

We love any piece of artwork that the talented @anelderlymeme shares with the world!

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