Lee Know Has Completely Taken Over The Official Stray Kids Instagram Account

“This place is mine now lol.”

Not too long ago, six of the eight members of Stray Kids opened their own personal Instagram accounts. The only two to decline the new social media accounts were Lee Know and Han — the former because he prefers Bubble over Instagram, and the latter because he just doesn’t feel ready yet.

Han & Lee Know (Stray Kids)

That doesn’t mean that either of them stay completely off of Instagram themselves, though. In fact, since the other six members of Stray Kids started their own accounts, Lee Know has seemed to be making an effort to kind of take over the group’s official Instagram account!

Lee Know (Stray Kids)

On the day that the new personal Stray Kids Instagram accounts opened, Lee Know made this post on the group’s official page with the caption, “This place is mine now lol.”


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Fans expressed their amusement in the comments on the post.

A few days later, he made another post on the account with a series of handsome selfies, wishing their followers an enjoyable summer vacation.


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Once again, STAYs couldn’t contain their entertainment to the Lee Know takeover of the account.

Finally, and most recently, earlier today Lee Know uploaded yet another series of photos on the Stray Kids account, including another silly drawing and some pictures of his beloved cats.


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This is the third post in a row that Lee Know has made on the Stray Kids Instagram account, so it really does seem like his now!

We’re looking forward to seeing what other shenanigans Lee Know (and maybe Han?) get up to on the Stray Kids Instagram account!

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