The Story Behind Stray Kids Lee Know’s Mannequin Head In His Graduation Photos

He shared where he got it from and why he was holding it.

When Stray KidsLee Know‘s high school graduation photos made their way onto the internet, the mannequin head that he held raised a few questions. Fortunately, Lee Know revealed the whole story behind it on The K-Star Next Door.

Lee Know holding a mannequin head for his high school graduation photos.

Curious about the spooky vibe Lee Know’s graduation photo gave off, MC Jonathan questioned him about it. He even made them laugh by asking “what kind of student” Lee Know had been.

After explaining that he’d been a busy student, Lee Know revealed that he hadn’t known they were taking graduation pictures that day and wore what he usually did to school.

I always wore a t-shirt to school. Then, I was told we were taking a graduation photo. I didn’t know.

— Lee Know

Jonathan pointed out that Lee Know’s clothing added to the spooky vibe, “You look ordinary, but that’s scarier.” As they laughed, Changbin agreed, “Right, it’s shocking.” There was a reason Lee Know was holding it.

Lee Know revealed that he’d gotten the mannequin head from one of his school friends to spice up the photo. He said, “My friend was learning hairdressing. I asked him if I could borrow his dummy.

While Jonathan and the other Stray Kids members thought it was unusual, Lee Know’s friends were just as unbothered as him. Lee Know admitted, “None of my friends care.

Watch them have a few laughs about the origins of Lee Know’s spooky graduation photo.

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