Stray Kids’ Lee Know Injured His Foot During Rehearsal, What Happened Next Is Too Sweet For Words

Lee Know hurt himself…but his manager was there to help!

Stray Kids fans captured a loving act of kindness between Lee Know and Stray Kids’ manager.


Their manager was seen carrying an injured Lee Know from the Music Bank building, following a rehearsal for the show’s June 29 episode.


Lee Know hurt his foot/ankle during this rehearsal. At this time, the severity of his injury is unknown, but it was serious enough to prevent him from participating in Stray Kids’ Music Bank performance.


Despite his apparent injury, Lee Know was all smiles.


It seems as though the singer wanted to both greet and reassure he fans.


In this video, Minho can be seen wearing a black covering over his injured foot.


After seeing this, fans began to worry about Lee Know’s health.


Luckily, he is in good hands!


Fans have commended Stray Kids’ manager for taking such good care of Lee Know during his time of need.


If managers won awards, Stray Kids’ manager would win first place. Guaranteed!