Stray Kids’ Lee Know Wants To Know Everything About Changbin And Felix’s Frequent Sauna Trips

“He really loves some tea πŸ˜‚”

Following the completion of their popular web series, 2 Kids Room, in 2022, the Stray Kids members are back with a similar series, 2 Kids Show, which made a few changes to the previous format.

(Top row, from left:) Stray Kids’ Seungmin, Lee Know, Han, I.N, and Bang Chan (Bottom row, from left:) Felix, Changbin, and Hyunjin | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Like 2 Kids Room, the 2 Kids Show web series pairs two of the members together to chat about their friendship, reveal “secret stories,” and perform music together.

Unlike 2 Kids Room, where fellow Stray Kids members observed the conversation from another room and added commentary, this series is hosted by member Lee Know, who accompanies the two members.

(From left:) Stray Kids’ Changbin, Lee Know, and Felix | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Felix and Changbin‘s friendship was featured in the fourth episode, and as Lee Know helped steer the conversation, he hilariously gave his two “guests” the option of having either the “spicy” version of his hosting or the “easy” version.

Lee Know agreed to go easy on them, but his “spicy” hosting style quickly came out at the first mention of Changbin and Felix’s recent trip to a sauna.

Lee Know unexpectedly made air horn sound effects, excitedly reacting to news of their recent sauna trip.

When Felix asked him why he reacted that way, Lee Know stated that he wanted to join them the next time.

Changbin explained that he loved going to the sauna and had invited Felix to join him one day, which turned into a habit for the two.

They both shared that it helps them relax, as Lee Know asked for more specifics on their sauna visits.

Lee Know wondered if the two had ever challenged each other to see who could stay in the hot tub the longest, but Changbin clarified that they take their sauna time “seriously,” and don’t go for “fun or romance.

As fans watched the fun episode, they couldn’t help reacting to Lee Know’s hilarious response to Felix and Changbin’s sauna tale.

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