Stray Kids’ Lee Know Leaves Netizens Shook With His Muscular Physique And Body Proportions

“Lee Know, please.”

Stray KidsLee Know shows off his muscular physique and impressive body proportions in the latest Stray Kids vlog, leaving netizens hilariously shook.

Lee Know

Of course, STAYs were generally appreciative of his natural visuals in the vlog.

But there was no doubt that his workout videos were the highlight. Lee Know gave fans a peek at many of the exercises he does at the gym, including arm, chest and leg exercises. STAYs were more than happy to watch them all!

Even Bang Chan made a guest appearance, engaging Lee Know in a (very) friendly boxing match.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

Of course, Bang Chan did also lend a helping hand—though it was mostly for advertising Lee Know’s MAHAGRID sports top. Fans hilariously noted that Lee Know truly is the ideal brand ambassador.

There was one particular clip, however, that mainly gained attention. The vlog picks up right after the group wrapped up their concert in Seattle, US. Lee Know announced he was going to the gym for an arm and chest workout…

…and then proceeded to shock everyone with an up-close look at the results.

He pretty much instantly had STAYs thirsting after him.

And he only added to it by hilariously showing off his chest.

Lee Know may not be as committed to working out as some of his other members…

…but it looks like he definitely works hard!

Watch the full video on the link below.

Stray Kids