Stray Kids’ Lee Know Further Proves His “Butt Hunter” Title With Recent Comments About Group Practice

Dance practice with Stray Kids sounds distracting 😂

Stray Kids member Lee Know is known for a particular habit that he has while performing: Smacking the butts of his fellow members.

This habit has given him the appropriate title “Butt Hunter”, and it’s one that he seems to wear proudly 😂

Sometimes he even does it off-stage!

On a recent episode of the Stray Kids show “2 Kids Room”, members Lee Know and Seungmin chat about various things, such as their friendship, teamwork, and other topics with other members of the group adding their own input.

During part of their discussion, they talk about members having trouble focusing, and Seungmin accuses Lee Know of being the worst at it during practices. But Lee Know had a valid excuse for it!

His comments only further fuel his title of “Butt Hunter”, and the fan reactions to this clip are relatable and hilarious.


You can watch the whole episode of “2 Kids Room” below!

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