Stray Kids’ Lee Know Once Again Tests Seungmin’s Knowledge Of His Cats

In 2019, Seungmin mistakingly thought Lee Know only had one cat.

Stray KidsLee Know has three adorable cats that he often shows in his vlogs and in pictures he uploads for fans.

The first cat he got, Soonie, he adopted from a shelter.

When I was in middle school, during one winter, I went to volunteer with some friends. For some reason, I kept noticing a lot of cats. Leading to that point, some people I know started to have cats. Before then, everyone just had dogs.

So I was thinking, ‘I want a cat.’ But then, when I went to volunteer, I saw so many cats there. I thought that was fate, and I wanted to tell my mom. So I told my mom, ‘I’m bringing a cat home,’ and called all the veterinaries nearby to see if I can adopt. But I was told I couldn’t do it on my own and I had to bring my parents. So I called my mom to come with me. That’s how I adopted Soonie.

-Lee Know

Soonie and Dori | @realstraykids/Instagram

Then he got Doongie from a friend.

After I raised Soonie for two to three years, I brought Doongie home.

Someone I know had a cat, which gave birth [to Doongie].

-Lee Know

Doongie | @realstraykids/Instagram

And most recently, he adopted Dori.

Dori was from the abandoned cat website.

-Lee Know

| @realstraykids/Instagram

Lee Know’s cats clearly mean a lot to him, so it isn’t surprising that when he and Seungmin filmed an episode of “Two Kids Room” in 2019, Lee Know was offended when Seungmin mistakingly only thought he had one cat.

Lee Know: I have three cats, right?

Seungmin: You have three? I thought you had just one.

Lee Know: You thought it was just one?

Seungmin: Maybe I should care more about it.

Lee Know and Seungmin | Stray Kids/YouTube

At the time, Seungmin asked Lee Know to tell him his cats’ names and how he adopted each of them. And while Seungmin seemingly took in the information…

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

Lee Know still clearly hasn’t let the incident go.

The two recently filmed an episode of “2 Kids Room,” Stray Kids’ current YouTube series, and one of the first things Lee Know brought up was a test to see if Seungmin could identify his cats.

Lee Know: Oh I remember! Soon, Doong, Dori!

Seungmin: What about them?

Lee Know: I prepared this for you.

Lee Know and Seungmin | Stray Kids/YouTube 

Lee Know showed Seungmin pictures of his cats on his phone and asked Seungmin to identify them.

Lee Know: Here. This one. What’s his name?

Seungmin: Is he your cat?

Lee Know: Yeah.

Seungmin: Let me see. Seeing that he’s mischievous, I think he’s Dori.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

And although he did have to clarify at first that Lee Know wasn’t trying to trick him, Lee Know was impressed by Seungmin’s knowledge.

Lee Know: Whoa.

Seungmin: I’m right, right?

Lee Know: You are.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

So Lee Know tested him again in identifying Doongie. And Seungmin truly proved his knowledge of Lee Know’s cats.

Lee Know: Who’s this?

Seungmin: That’s Doongie! Doongie. I think it’s Doongie.

Lee Know: Really?

Seungmin: Yeah! Doongie!

Lee Know: Why?

Seungmin: The way he opens his eyes… I heard that Soonie’s really kind.

Lee Know: Yeah, it’s Doongie. This one’s Soonie.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

And Seungmin even proves that he’s learning about their personalities and doing his best to become more knowledgeable.

Seungmin: Yeah, Soonie’s really kind. Doongie’s a bit mischievous, right?

Lee Know: No, he’s really calm.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

And, of course, Lee Know can’t help but tease Seungmin even as he shares more information.

Seungmin: Is Doongie the gentlest of them all?

Lee Know: No!

Seungmin: Who’s the gentlest?

Lee Know: Me!

Seungmin: I’m speechless.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 

But, certainly, Seungmin proved that he did pay more attention to Lee Know’s cats, learning about something important to his friend. To the extent that Lee Know can’t help but acknowledge his efforts.

Seungmin: Anyways, I got them all right! I knew when I got Dori right that Dori’s different.

Lee Know: I showed you a weird picture of Dori but you still got it right. You’ve improved a lot.

| Stray Kids/YouTube 
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