Stray Kids’ Lee Know Shares What It Was Like To Be BTS’s Back-Up Dancer

He also talks about his favorite moment on stage with them!

Stray KidsLee Know talked about his experience as BTS’s back-up dancer!


Stray Kids is currently promoting their latest release “Double Knot”, and members Lee Know and Hyunjin appeared on MNET’s TMI News. On the show, the panelists brought up how Lee Know had been a back-up dancer for BTS, and asked him about the time he danced with them.



Lee Know shared that he joined them during their “Fire” era (2016), and stayed on until “Not Today” and “Spring Day” (2017). He also joined them on tour, and revealed that his favorite moment as their back-up dancer was performing “Not Today” as their opener for BTS’s Wings tour.


During ‘Not Today,’ we were all in a kneeling-down position at the beginning, and there was a white curtain before us. When it came down, all their fans started screaming so much. It gave me goosebumps.

—Lee Know


He then performed the choreography of “Not Today” by the book, which brought on a lot laughs as there were often times he had to stay still while BTS was at the centre performing their choreography!




Watch the it here!