“Got Stayville Eating Scissors:” Stray Kids Fans Are Obsessed With Lee Know’s Recent Style Change

His new hairstyle seems straight out of their edits.

Stray KidsLee Know has always been renowned for his prince-like visuals.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know

And multiple fans have continually made long-hair edits of the idol, hoping to see him try style.

So when Lee Know finally debuted the look, shocking fans with just how long his hair had gotten, fans were obsessed with the new style.

Concert clips of Lee Know with his long hair continued to go viral as fans admired his mature and charismatic visuals.

And fans were in awe when they realized that Lee Know’s hair was long enough to be tied up.

But after Lee Know’s recent live broadcast, fans started to get worried that the idol might be cutting his hair soon as it’s now grown longer than he intended.

The male character in the movie I was watching had this long-disheveled hair. It looked kinda nerdy, and I wanted to pull that look, so I wanted to grow my hair for a bit, but now it’s past that point.

โ€” Lee Know

And given how much fans love Lee Know’s long hair, fans joke that they need him to stay away from any scissors.

Although fans also joke that it would suit Lee Know’s personality for the idol to tease them after seeing their enthusiasm for his long hair.

Still, no matter how Lee Know styles his hair, there’s no denying this most recent look is iconic.

Stray Kids