Stray Kids’ Lee Know Goes Viral For His Adorable Reaction To Japanese Pudding

He loves playing with his cats, dancing, and eating pudding.

Stray KidsLee Know is known for his love of cats, dance, and now, Japanese pudding.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know | @realstraykids/Instagram

Stray Kids is currently on the Japanese leg of their MANIAC tour. For the group, this means getting to perform in front of STAYs. But for Lee Know, it means going viral, all for his love of pudding.

Previously, Lee Know mentioned that one of his favorite Japanese snacks is pudding. When he recently held a live broadcast, the idol made sure to take time to enjoy this treat.

Lee Know ate both a pudding that he’s had before and was able to try something new.

One fan tweeted a clip from the stream and acknowledged Lee Know’s cute reaction to the new pudding. It gained traction from fans and non-fans alike who were curious about Lee Know’s love for the snack. It currently has over 988k views and over 45k likes on the original tweet.

The moment got so much attention that the pudding allegedly even sold out at convenience stores in Japan.

Fans adore how happy Lee Know became simply from eating the pudding.

Lee Know loved it so much that he even ate more pudding during Stray Kids’ post-concert live.

Fans have enjoyed seeing Lee Know enjoy this food while he’s in Japan.

Hopefully, Lee Know eats his fill of delicious pudding. He deserves it!

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