Fact Check: Did Stray Kids’ Lee Know Get A Laser Pointed In His Eyes?

It might have been a phenomenon, not a laser.

STAYs are concerned after Stray KidsLee Know appeared to have a laser pointed directly into his eye.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know

#JYPELeaderOfDisappointment has been trending recently on X (formerly known as Twitter). One reason for this is that it appeared Stray Kids’ Lee Know had a laser pointed directly into his eye during KCON LA 2023.

A couple of days ago, a STAY (@leeknowschingu on TikTok) posted a close-up video of Lee Know when the group walked in the aisles of fans at KCON LA 2023. It went viral with 192.1K views at the time of writing.


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But netizens were more concerned about Lee Know’s safety than anything when they noticed what appeared to be a laser dot directly in his eye, which could cause permanent vision loss. The OP (Original Poster) replied, explaining that they were next to the stationary cameraman, so they hoped it was just a light from the camera crew.

| @leeknowschingu/TikTok

Still, the video circulated across social media apps, with many STAYs expressing concern for Lee Know’s safety. Many hashtagged #JYPELeaderOfDisappointed, suggesting he is not well-protected.


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Yet, a few STAYs have also pointed out the probability that it was not a laser. It is likely a phenomenon found in “Ghost” or “Spirit” photography in which an orb of light will appear when you take a photo with a strong light source coming in. At KCON LA 2023, there were many lights and cameras, so it is to be expected that this phenomenon could occur.


Please stop saying there was a laser pointed at him #StrayKids #LeeKnow #kconla2023 #kpop #fyp

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Still, this is not the first time STAYs have been concerned that lasers were allegedly pointed at Stray Kids members this year. In July, videos circulated of what appeared to be a laser just missing Felix and Bang Chan. Read more below.

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