Stray Kids’ “MANIAC” Concert In Seoul Was Full Of Tears, But In The Best Way Possible

It was so emotional for everyone 🥺

Stray Kids just wrapped up the first part of their 2022 MANIAC world tour with a three-day concert in Seoul from April 29 to May 1.

| @Stray_Kids/Twitter

It was a huge event for the boys and their fans, full of incredible moments, breathtaking performances, and unforgettable memories for Stray Kids and STAYs alike!

As is often the case for these kinds of events, however, things did end up getting emotional at times. Fortunately, when any of the members did shed tears, their fellow members and fans were quick to show their support and love!

Hyunjin was one of the members that got choked up. It seems that he got emotional thinking about the hardships he dealt with last year, but moments like the concert and being able to see STAY helped him through it.

Speaking of Felix, he, too, ended up breaking into tears during the concert. It seems the sweet and heartfelt messages he read from STAYs were just too much for him to handle ❤

In fact, it sounds like he ended up crying multiple times over the emotional words spoken by his fellow members 😭

Despite this, however, he still gave the concert his all!

Even leader Bang Chan couldn’t keep his tears held back as he made heartfelt proclamations and promises to their fans.

Even while being emotional himself, though, he proved just how great of a leader he is by comforting all of the others through their emotions as well.

At one point, Changbin had to carry Seungmin to the group hug because he was crying so hard 🥺

Han was also quick to jump in and support the members getting overwhelmed!

We hope that everyone who was able to attend this concert had a wonderful time (even through the tears), and that those who are seeing their future concerts do as well!

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