A Fan Gifted Stray Kids An Adorable “MANIAC” Cake, But COVID-19 Got In The Way

The cake creator is so talented!

On March 19, Stray Kids were prepared to perform their newest song, “MANIAC”, on Show! Music Core!

Of course, fans were excited to see them perform their latest hit, but one person took it a step further by creating something amazing for it!

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This talented fan of the group went to the time and effort to create an amazing cake celebrating the occasion, featuring the SKZOO members perched on nuts and bolts, which is a theme of the “MANIAC” concept of having a screw loose.

It also featured a tiny cake on top of the cake as a celebration for Hyunjin‘s birthday, which was on the 19th as well!

Fan reactions to the adorable cake are unsurprisingly supportive and amazed by the piece of art.

The writing on the cake reads:

“Wow “MANIAC” is really good. Like, isn’t it really good?! Wait, why is it so good??? It’s seriously the best?! It’s crazy good!”

Unfortunately, however, the performance was cancelled due to the announcement of Changbin and Han testing positive for COVID-19, and thus the fan wasn’t able to deliver the cake to Stray Kids.

Here is the caption from the cake artist themselves.

“Show! Music Core 💙 Stray Kids

Today, Stray Kids had a “MANIAC” comeback performance scheduled on Show! Music Core so I prepared this adorable cake featuring the skzoo characters sitting on bolts and nuts (along with a smaller cake for Hyunjin’s birthday on Sunday 💙).

Unfortunately, though, the staff reached out to me yesterday and let me know that delivering the cakes to Stray Kids might not be possible because the performance has been canceled 😭😭. I was, however, able to deliver some snacks for the staff, so at least that went well.

COVID sucks.

I’m sorry this happened and I’m sure everyone feels bad about it, too. But I wish the members a speedy recovery and I look forward to seeing them on stage again soon. 🙏 “MANIAC” daebak! #StrayKids #skz #skzoo #maniac #ShowMusicCore”

While it’s disappointing that the fan was unable to give Stray Kids the cake themselves, it’s still so amazing to see such an incredible piece of art inspired by the group!

Stray Kids

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